It is now well understood that new forces are driving regional economies and that authentic urban environments with lively arts and entertainment are the magnets that attract and retain creative people. These people in turn generate wealth in an expanding knowledge economy.

Working in concert with the private sector and community coalitions, municipalities can develop creative strategies that integrate economic, environmental and cultural planning to generate new opportunities for economic development.  This approach places its central emphasis on generating greater "place-based" wealth – in other words, understanding and empowering the systems that drive wealth creation within the region.

Strategic Assessment is a process  which organizations use to unlock opportunities; a process that requires creative “home grown” thinking rather than the application of template solutions from elsewhere.  

The process leader must have both an appetite for detail, since that is where the devil lies, and the critical ability to avoid being distracted by it.   And, the process must be engineered to constructively engage a range of stakeholders, helping them to discover the shape of an actionable solution and identify their respective responsibilities in moving it forward.

Daniel Nixey, the principal of Danix Management Limited, is recognized for his abilities to guide organizations through a strategic assessment process and shape actionable plans around identified opportunities.

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