Strategic Assessment Process


Prepare Situational Analysis

        Extract Organizational Objectives
                from Vision Statement,  from Mission Statement, 
                from Environmental Scan,  from Strategic Plan, from Operational Plans

        Identify Organizational Culture

        Outline Decision Framework

        Determine Timetable for Results

Conduct Needs Assessment and Opportunity Identification  

          Conduct Needs Assessment

          Examine Existing Pressures, Project Lists, Unsolicited Proposals    

          Collect Stakeholder Input

          Identify Analogues and Best Practice

Evaluate and Rank Opportunities

          Determine Project Linkages between Opportunities and to Market Potential

          Identify “Traction” of Competing Project Propositions within the Community

          Conduct Stakeholder Collaboration on Initial Prioritization

          Estimate Implementation Requirements    

          Prepare Value Planning Assessment  

Assess Organizational Capacities

          Prepare Financial Capacity Assessment

          Prepare Human Resources Capacity Assessment

Identify and Evaluate Implementation Partners

          Identify and Evaluate Candidate Implementation Partners

          Identify Project Champions

Prepare Opportunities Action Plan

        Prepare Project Charter, Partnering Agreements and Governance Structure

        Prepare Investment Plan

        Prepare Implementation Strategy and Approvals Documents

        Prepare Communications Plan

        Prepare Performance Measurement Plan