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Daniel, a graduate of both the University of Guelph and the University of Waterloo, has extensive experience in all aspects of research design, team building, and project management.  He has delivered a large number of projects ranging from main street revitalization programs, to wilderness park rehabilitation, rural land use planning, urban systems analysis, market and feasibility studies, consumer research, commercial property syndication, financial analysis, value planning and capital programming, and particpated as an advisor on management audits. This wide exposure has given Daniel a broad palette of analytical tools and methodologies to draw on.

Although he has great capacity for organizing, interpreting and presenting large quantities of detailed information, identifying and getting to the bottom of  the “BIG QUESTION” is his forte. Daniel has been involved in strategic assessment projects since the late 1970s when he was part of a small team assigned the challenging task of assessing, for the Saint Lawrence Seaway Commission, the potential economic opportunities that could be afforded through extending the season of navigation on the St. Lawrence Seaway. For the National Capital Commission, Daniel was asked to determine the impact of the imposition of the federal greenbelt (in Ottawa) on regional development economics and years later for the City of Ottawa, to prepare a whitepaper discussing the pros and cons of development in the greenbelt. Daniel served as senior advisor to  a project that prioritized infrastructure investments in the City of Hamilton and then led a  team to figure out the tax uplift that would be created by a proposed LRT system.  This evolved into the “value planning” process developed with the Canadian Urban Institute which is geared to assisting communities leverage public infrastructure investments.

Daniel’s clients include a broad range of private and public sector clients, agencies and organizations. Daniel is recognized for his abilities to help his clients see through complex situations, to quickly define their key requirements, to develop a clear understanding of the issues involved, and identify a way forward. His clients value his ability to help them push the envelope in the search for innovation. Daniel is able to quickly determine a plan of attack for the work to be done, creatively guide the development of the work usually in collaboration with a client steering group and senior staff, and then effectively communicate the assignment results. Daniel's ability to thoroughly engage clients and stakeholders in project development, ensures that all project requirements are understood and project implementation is accelerated.

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