VALUE PLANNING  ...... community based solutions for investing in plans, not projects

Value Planning is an emerging approach to investment and policy planning designed to help communties identify project and policy priorities that will create the most substantive and sustainable benefits to citizens arising from the implementation of a coherent public / private investment strategy. There are three main stages in the process;

Value Creation Potential: to identify an integrated suite of development propositions that will maximize potential economic and social returns on public infrastructure investment using a combination of stakeholder engagement, best practice research, and geoanalytics to identify “foundational projects.”  The desired output is a coherent value creation strategy built around foundational projects.

Value Uplift Estimate: to calculate the “bankable returns" (both private and public) from investments and contributions to the value creation strategy.  

Value Realization Roadmap: to implement the strategy by applying the best available tools for engaging local partners and champions. 


Based on earlier work completed for the City of Ottawa, City of Guelph, City of Saint John, City of Winnipeg and the Ontario Ministry of Public Infrastructure Renewal, Daniel  helped pioneer value planning as a practice in conjunction with the Canadian Urban Institute, serving as the practice mentor.                         

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