One focus of the real property advisory services delivered by Danix Management Limited relates to capital planning for public sector organizations.

It is often very difficult to secure the capital required for new facilities required to meet growth pressures and the funding required to maintain or renew existing facilities usually takes a back seat.  Without appropriate re-capitalization, rust out sets in and the backlog of unattended repair projects begins to build.

Mr. Nixey has significant experience in grappling with these issues.  He was the lead investigator and author of a “Rust Out Guide” prepare for the federal Treasury Board Secretariat.  He prepared, for the City of Ottawa, a “capital contribution rate study” to assist in the formulation of policy for budgeting recapitalization to the City’s diverse portfolio of facilities.  And he has prepared long term capital plans for several prestigious federal facilities. Recently, Mr. Nixey prepared for the Ottawa Public Library, a decision support tool to assist in the prioritization of facility renewal investments.

A second focus of Mr. Nixey’s real property advisory work has been asset rationalization.  For many years he has served as the lead real property advisor to the Ottawa-Carleton District School Board assisting with asset rationalization and disposal of surplus properties. He also served as the lead consultant on a program of studies contributing to a plan for the Bedford Institute of Oceanography to rationalize its facilities and service infrastructure.

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