Book Mobile Route Allocation (Ottawa Public Library)

Danix Management was retained by the Ottawa Public Library (Alternate Services) to develop a procedure to rationalize bookmobile stops (existing and requested).  Working with senior staff, Mr. Nixey developed an allocation model based on the "Service Power Rating"  of each stop location using GIS to extract neighbourhood level data.  This work was part of a suite of projects completed by Danix Management as input to the Library's long term facilities investment plan.


National Service Management Strategy (for Public Works and Government Service Canada)

The National Service Management Strategy advocates its employees manage the work rather than deliver it and under this guidance, PWGSC develops strategic real property contract mechanisms designed to leverage private sector capacity, agility and expertise.

Daniel's role in the development of the National Service Management Strategy was to assist in the engagement of the national sectors (centres of expertise) and the regional real property organization to collaboratively frame the strategy. Daniel also served as the lead author during the drafting of the strategy document.

As a follow-on, Daniel developed an approach for the preparation of implementation plans for each of the national sectors and regions, consolidated the results once received, and then prepared observation reports on implementation progress for senior management.


[Years previous, Mr. Nixey participated as  a subject matter specialist during a study of the  re-engineering PWGSC's realty service delivery business].


Alternate Service Delivery Review: Real Property Asset Management Branch (for City of Ottawa)

The City of Ottawa delivers its real property asset management program under a corporate landlord model. The Real Property Asset Management Branch (RPAM) is the City of Ottawa’s Centre of Excellence in the provision and management of real property assets in support of corporate and community programs. RPAM commissioned an Alternative Service Delivery Review to determine how the RPAM service delivery model could be adjusted, consistent with best practices, including the potential for a higher degree of contracting–out or full outsourcing.

As part of this study, a municipal “community of practice” initiative was initiated to foster the identification of innovative practice in the area of service delivery related to managing municipal facilities.  An important outcome of this initiative was the development of a framework for collecting detailed information on service delivery and facility costing on a consistent basis.

Daniel was the lead investigator during the delivery of this project and the report’s principal author.


[Mr. Nixey also prepared for the City of Ottawa a review of brokerage outsourcing].